The Cypher

Mid-August Weekly Roundup

It’s mid-August and some of us are getting ready for the “great reopening,” others are already back at it full-time/in-person. Here are a few things we are reading, watching, listening to this week.


CFs Brittney, Chanel, and Susana are joining the YA game October 5th with the new CFC book Feminist AF: A Guide to Crushing Girlhood. But until then check out these old and new classics of 100 best YA books.

Come thru Bey! Check out the recent and rare look at Beyonce’s inner life.

Friend of CFC, Tressie McMillan Cottom interviews Sean Combs for Vanity Fair.

Awesomely Luvvie laments the Hot Girl Summer gone wrong (CF-PSA: wear a mask and keep some distance please).

Britney Spears being under her father’s thumb was such on the nose patriarchy and we are glad it’s over. Congrats Britney!

And another blow to the white male patriarchy, Andrew Cuomo finally resigns, and NY will have it’s first woman governor.

As we head (back) to campuses across the country, find out about what a lot of universities are (not) doing to fight the pandemic (side-eye) Penn State.


Blackstar Film Festival is celebrated 10 years last week with a series of virtual screenings, check out their Black film lists.

We are also watching the new Hulu series Reservation Dogs and ready for much more Indigenous representation in television and film.


Pre-order your Smithsonian Boxset on the Anthology on Hip-Hop and Rap and get this multimedia collection sent to you.